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When you need somewhere to stay in a foreign city, it can be a daunting process. How do you know if an area is suitable, convenient - and most of all, to your exacting standards?. Typically you have a couple of days to find the 'ideal' pad, but you can never get a viewing time to suit or the owner is invariably 'unavailable' until a week on Friday, leaving you with an ever diminishing window of opportunity to get set up...


At Select Services we take the risk and guess work out of that equation, because via our detailed client analysis and requirement questionaires, we know what your needs are, because we view them as if they were our own.


Our Business is primarily founded on word of mouth referrals, and our client base is not only exclusive, but after completion of rigorous secuirty checks and vetting, is by invitation only.


Typically, a propsective tenant must earn at least a six figure sum, be able to provide checkable references, and be capable of providing a substantial bonded security deposit.


So if you appreciate the finer things in life, with service to match, drop us a line to with a basic outline of your needs and requirements and we will do the rest. With a 95% of our clients agreeing that they would recommend our services, we are confident that you will find us worth the effort



























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